M Series XRF

The M Series is the ultimate in high performance plating thickness measurements for the smallest features. The poly-capillary optics in the M Series is more advanced than the O Series, focusing the x-ray beam down to 15μm FWHM. To measure features on that scale, a 150x magnification camera with an even higher digital zoom is included. The field of view becomes more restricted with higher magnification, so a second camera takes a macro-image of the part to be measured. The dual-camera system allows operators to see the entire part, click the image to zoom in with the high-mag camera, and pinpoint the feature to be measured.

The high-precision programmable X-Y stage can be used to select and measure multiple points; the pattern recognition software can also do this automatically. There is a 2-D mapping system that can be used to see the topography of a coating over the surface area of a part such as a silicon wafer.

The standard configuration includes the 15μm optics, and a high resolution SDD detector to process the higher count rates. A programmable X-Y sample stage is also standard. The optics system has a close focal distance, so samples measured with the M Series must be flat.

Now available with extended stage option

The M Series XRF is best suited to customers with these requirements:

  • Very small parts/features such as those found in semiconductors, connectors, or PCBs
  • Requirement to test many samples or locations per new lot of material
  • Very thin coatings (<100nm)
  • Very short measurement times (1-5 seconds)
  • Guaranteed to meet IPC-4552A, 4553A, 4554 and 4556
  • ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and ISO 3497

Application Performance

  ENEPIG Electroless Nickel
  μm Au μm Pd μm Ni μm NiP μm %P
Ave 0.0427 0.08 3.72 10.2015 10.17
StdDev 0.00045 0.0009 0.000985 0.1089 0.29
Range 0.0015 0.003 0.0395 0.3863 0.99
%RSD 1.053% 1.121% 0.265% 1.067% 2.85%