May 7, 2019   -  May 9, 2019

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019 to Showcase Smart Manufacturing, IoT, and Workforce Development

The principles of Microelectronics packaging range from Electronics, Mechanical, Materials to Chemical Engineering.  Due to this multi-discipline nature, many industry professionals don’t know what they don’t know as they do not undergo multi-discipline training to understand these principles. The objectives of this course are to strengthen the know-how of professionals in IC packaging so that they can enhance their career opportunities in Semiconductor industry. With these principles, you can better appreciate the new packaging technologies in Fan-in, Fan-out WLP, Embedded packaging technology, System on Chip (SOC), System in Package (SiP), 3D IC, WLP, TSV etc. In addition, you will be able to re-apply these principles to increase your technical contributions and assist your organization to stay ahead of the competition through innovation. The learning will be reinforced through problem base solving through actual industry situations.

This 1 day course will provide the necessary technical knowledge for industry professionals. The course covers both the manufacturing and R&D know-how in IC packaging. This course is a must for directors, managers, process engineers, R&D engineers working in the areas of IC packaging to keep up to date on new assembly process and technology. In addition, the course is useful for sale or application engineers who supply packaging materials and tools to the industry.


Principles in the evolution of IC packaging and how the semiconductor industry has evolved to heterogeneous integration with time through Fan-in, Fan-out WLP, Embedded packaging technology, System on Chip (SOC), System in Package (SiP), 3D IC, WLP, TSV etc

Principles of Key assembly processes  ranging from TAB, Wirebond to various Flip Chip bonding, Encapsulation to Board assembly

Overview of interposer of leadframe, ceramic, flex to BT substrates for Microelectronics packaging

Material characterization from bulk to interfaces for Microelectronics packaging