MK.4TE ESD and Latch-Up Test System

Thirty years in the making - IC structure designers and QA program managers in manufacturing and test house facilities worldwide have embraced the Thermo Scientific™ MK.4, a versatile, powerful, and flexible, high yield test system. Easily upgradeable, the MK.4 is fully capable of taking your test operations through ever evolving regulatory and quality standards. The advanced rapid relay-based (modular matrix) hardware of the MK.4 is on average ten times faster than mechanically driven ESD testers. The switching matrix, while providing consistent ESD paths, also allows any pin to be grounded, floated, vectored or connected to any of the installed V/I supplies. Furthermore, advanced algorithms ensure accurate switching of HV, in support of pulse source technology, per recent JEDEC/ESDA trailing pulse standards. A powerful, extraordinarily fast embedded VME controller drives the highest Speed-of-Test execution available. Data transfer between the embedded controller and the testers PC server, is handled through TCP/IP communication protocols, minimizing data transfer time. The testers PC server can be accessed through internal networks, as well as through the Internet allowing remote access to the system to determine the systems status or to gather result information