Highest resolution advanced 2D and 3D X-ray system for fully automated analysis of the smallest features

Semiconductor manufacturing requires automated, high-quality, reliable, fast and non-destructive inspection and analysis for optimum production as flaws can be found on the wafer, on a substrate, in a strip in the sub-assembly or in the final device. The new YXLON FF70 CL X-ray inspection system has been specifically developed to enable the very best automated analysis of the smallest and most demanding features within these samples. The result: impressively precise and reproducible test and inspection excellence.

  • Improved quality monitoring – inspect more locations at better resolution to identify failures that otherwise could be missed
  • Significant cost reduction through better test coverage leading to improved yield
  • Reliable and reproducible check of consistency of process and defect parameters at any time
  • This innovative automated analysis solution is easy to use, optimizing cost of operation