G Series XRF

The G Series’ two most distinctive features are precision video imaging, and 'bottom-up' measurement using a motorized Z-axis with laser-based auto-focus. The latter is a feature unique to Bowman. An available manual XY stage with 1.5 X 1.5' travel facilitates easy positioning of small and large parts. The chamber is relatively small when compared to other models like the B Series. The smaller chamber and footprint is well suited for jewelry and other precious metal analysis applications, and components such as connectors and fasteners.

The standard configuration includes a single fixed collimator and a fixed focus camera. The solid-state PIN detector is included along with our long-life micro-focus x-ray tube. As with all Bowman models, the components can be upgraded to include multiple collimators, variable focal camera, or SDD detector.

The G Series XRF is ideal for labs and production lines, particularly where users have:

  • Limited benchtop space
  • Budget limitations
  • A preference for 'bottom-up' operation with a motorized Z axis
  • The need to position smaller samples quickly and easily
  • ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and ISO 3497